Most requested types of documents and text submitted for translation include:

  • Vital Records: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, judgments, decrees, adoption documents, police certificates, passports, military and employment records, etc.

  • Academic Records: school, college and university diplomas (undergraduate and graduate degrees), transcripts, thesis, scientific publications, CV, etc.

  • Corporate, Law and Legal Translation: business contracts, agreements, articles of incorporation, minutes, corporate bylaws, resolutions, operating agreements (LLC), bankruptcy and debt collection files, rules and regulations, annual reports, individual and corporate income tax statements and other financial records, patents, licensing agreements, legal correspondence, workplace manuals, etc.

  • Advertising and Marketing: websites, print ads, fliers, product brochures, presentations, promotional materials, articles, press releases, newsletters, direct mail, researches, surveys, etc.

  • Health Care, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Translation: clinical trials, reports and studies, diagnostics, drug information, hospital policies and procedures, medical devices manuals, pharmaceutical documentation, biochemical research, product licensing and patents.

  • Finance, Banking and Insurance Translation: banking products, audit reports, balance sheets, market reviews, statements, loan agreements, financial analysis, insurance records and documentation.

  • IT and Computers:  manuals, tutorials, product catalogues, brochures and specifications.

  • Travel and Tourism: hospitality industry materials, travel guides, articles, etc.