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Mateo Communications?

About us.

Mateo Communications has been serving Rockland, Orange, and Bergen Counties since 2002! When we began, we were located on Chestnut Street in Suffern, NY. We started with one computer and one money transfer company, Quisqueyana – who is now known as DolEx. As time passed and the business grew, we moved to a larger location on Lafayette Avenue where we were able to offer more services to our ever-growing customer base.


In July 2004, we opened our second store in Orange County in the Village of Monroe, NY, offering all of our services to the community in that region. Due to our close proximity to Bergen County, we also service clients there as well. Ever since Mateo Communications was founded, we have been concerned with assisting immigrant members in the community with solutions to their financial and personal needs such as sending or receiving money, paying a bill, buying a money order, or any other prepaid services.


Whichever location you choose you will always have our personalized and trustworthy service. Our philosophy, “All transactions are better in person,” has earned us the trust of all our clients. To maintain this trust we count on the experience and ongoing training of our administrative staff, who are always available to resolve any doubts or questions our clients may have and to always guide each individual through the ever-changing Federal, State & Local Money Laundering laws and regulations.